In this Culture of Speed we are living in, I help companies to slow down, reconnect with the essentials and create a positive acceleration in their growth. 

People are the engine of a company. An engine needs fuel, which is burned to create power. Power makes the company go forward. Without power, we can still try to push. But tell me, how happy were you the last time pushing your car? 

Connection is the fuel for people. Fuel to create motivation, involvement, perseverance and happiness. These aspects will create a positive transformation and longevity of people. And with that, also of a company.

Do you want to experience the value of connection?

SLOW Communications is an enterprise with a strong international focus, multilingual (Dutch, German, English) and specialized in:

  • Interim internal communications
  • Development of means of communications
  • Relationship management
  • Network and community establishment
  • Event coordination
  • Copywriting

Of course I am open to discuss any other project which could use a sprinkle of slowness. Slowness, to create connection for a positive transformation and longevity. 

Turtle wisdom

A turtle moves through life with slowness and steadiness. By pacing himself, he is able to be fully present in the moment and enjoy it. There is no concern about rushing to the finish line although he is 100% determined to get there. With full focus in every step and perseverance.

I discovered the strength of the turtle’s slowness. Taking a break in my busy life, looking around, within myself and becoming more grounded.

Slowness is needed for creating this essential connection with yourself and from there also with others. It’s the fast lane to a positive transformation and longevity.

SLOW Communications is the result of this ‘turtle knowledge’ together with my aspiration to support others.


Slow does not mean superficial or less.

Slow does mean deeper and thus more.

By taking time for communication you get really connected. Time is not the enemy, it is your friend. Shallow communication leads to shallow connections. By analyzing communication you will understand the necessity of slowing down pace. You will gain better connections and enhance the outcome. As a bonus you will enjoy communication more and more.

SLOW down and take the fast lane to:

  • Productivity
  • Stress-free
  • Focus
  • Happiness
  • Motivation
  • Involvement
  • Energy
  • Perseverance

Contact me

Please write any questions you have and share your plans and ideas. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting.

*A tiny challenge to create awareness of seemingly little things which do influence communication and connection (if you had pancakes we are connected without doubt).