Twice a day Holiday

What a stupid question, right? Who would not want twice a day holiday! Most of us are already happy with a holiday once a year. Twice a day… Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true to me. And who knows, it will be also your experience.

Hatha Yoga
Always running from A to B. A packed agenda, from morning until evening. Trying to squeeze all the other things I wanted to do, like seeing friends and family, working out, cooking, next to a full-time job. Very ambitious. I guess, it’s the challenge for most of us, finding a balance between working life and private life. I was definitely struggling. I neither wanted to let go of the things I cared about. This struggle, not finding a balance which was working for me, resulted in not being able to breathe properly. My breath ended in my chest, no deep and calm belly-breathing. At a certain point, I decided to give it a shot: yoga. A big step for me. My opinion a few years ago about yoga… Well, let’s not talk about that 😉 A friend recommended me a Hatha Yoga Studio with a very nice teacher. Down-to-earth, joking around so now and then. I will never forget the first time. I got tears in my eyes, experiencing a calm breath reaching all the way to my belly. From that point onwards, I started to slow myself down. In ambitions, goals. Okaaaaay, could not resist going to Bali and becoming a Hatha Yoga teacher myself.

Mindful living

Transcendental Meditation
My first meeting with Transcendental Meditation (TM) was kind of an illegal one, as this specific event was only for people who already learnt the technique and were actively practising. Well, I did not know, neither my mother, a very enthusiastic TM-practitioner herself. Anyway, I enjoyed the day at the Maharishi European Research University (MERU). Being part of the group meditation was wonderful. Let’s not forget the amazing vegetarian lunch and the beautiful nature. I highly recommend you a legal visit 😉

Mindful living

Meditation started to interest me more and more. Beginning of this year, I decided to learn the technique and for about two months now, I am practising TM twice a day. My TM-teacher, 85 years young – so amazed he is still doing this – said: “I don’t need to go on holiday anymore. I am enjoying a holiday twice a day.” This phrase… Well, I will never forget it. It’s also my experience.

It’s my time. Doing nothing. Simply be. Yes, thoughts come and go, but that’s OK. It’s even necessary, to release stress. That’s one thing I really had to learn and still learning: don’t be angry if thoughts come up. I guess other meditation techniques kinda made me believe that, that the goal is to have no thoughts at all. It did not work for me. I became more annoyed than relaxed haha. Somehow, TM works for me. I am happy about it 🙂

I notice an improvement in my breathing, way more natural than before. More peaceful and quiet mind throughout the day. I put things more in perspective than before.

But what I really like and I am happy about, is that I am embracing myself more than before. I am happy with who I am and where I am. I embrace more being in the Now, enjoying today. Being OK, with not having a fixed plan of my life. Being OK, taking it one step at the time. Comparing myself less with others, caring less about others opinion. Simply going my way.

All thanks to meditation? No way to proof this to you haha. No need to proof this either. Is my life only sunshine and roses now? Nope. Talking about sunshine, it is 10 degrees Celsius here and we had quite some hailstorms. Life is not only sunshine and roses. But meditation definitely helps me to see the positive aspects and to keep smiling.

Mindful living

2 Replies to “Twice a day Holiday”

  1. Liebe Deike,

    gute Gedanken und Wünsche fuer Dich in den nächsten Wochen in Vlodrop, MERU.

    Alles Liebe von Deiner Mama


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