My name is Deike Louise, founder of SLOW Communications. Happy you found me. One step closer to slowing down and creating connection.


I worked for several companies in the past few years. One thing I always get commented “You create connection”. True, people are always my key priority because I strongly believe that motivated and involved people are needed for a positive transformation and longevity of a company.

As communications advisor for Dutch Customs, I connected the national communications advisors. Why running the same project with the same goal individually? Not only we would save time by working together. We would also use each other’s strengths, agree to genuine coordination and follow a commonly agreed line.

Talking with people made me aware of a lack of involvement. By connecting with them, I was able to find out the reason behind it and take action which was embraced.

One of my responsibilities as regional manager for Swapfiets was creating ways of cooperation. Networking is my second nature. Whether I am talking to an employee or a director of a company, my high capacity to empathise makes it easy to create a connection.

My previous jobs required a high sense of responsibility and self-reliance. Figuring out how to do things, for example designing and managing a volunteer program from scratch for Studyportals. But even more important: they all required the capability to create this essential connection.


Always running around, trying to do as much as possible in one day and setting the bar very high with everything. I neither had a routine or ‘slow’ moments. I did have bad sleep, fast heart beatings throughout the day, irregular breathing and a restless mind.

At one point, I decided to give slowness a shot.

Slowing down made me rediscover my intuition. Bali, Indonesia, called me for the third time, to become a Hatha Yoga Teacher. I also learned the Transcendental Meditation technique and volunteered at the meditation campus. By allowing slowness to join my life, I started to see and value the little things again. Grateful for what I have rather than complaining about what could be better. I gained more focus and find it easier to make decisions.

I really had to learn to allow myself to take it slow.

I discovered the strength of the turtle’s slowness. Taking a break in my busy life, look around and within myself and becoming more grounded. Slowness is needed for creating this essential connection with yourself and from there also with others. It’s the fast lane to a positive transformation and longevity.

SLOW Communications is the result of this ‘turtle knowledge’ together with my aspiration to support others.

Meeting my first turtle – Playa de Monterrico, Guatemala, 2012