Always running around, trying to do as much as possible in one day and setting the bar very high with everything. I neither had a routine or ‘slow’ moments. I did have bad sleep, fast heart beatings throughout the day, irregular breathing and a mind which was constantly on. I was stressed, unhappy and constantly questioned the purpose of being on this world.

High intensity sports like running, interval workouts and weightlifting is what I love. Believe me, going to a calm yoga class was a big step. I figured: “Perhaps adding some low intensity into my life will do me well.” I will never forget that moment of awareness that I was breathing natural again. I got tears in my eyes, happy and grateful as I was. From that point onwards I slowly started to allow myself to take it slow. Yes, ‘allow’, as it felt abnormal to do and quite the opposite of what I used to do.

I really had to learn to allow myself to take it slow.

Slowing down made me rediscover my intuition. Bali, Indonesia, called me for the third time, to become a Hatha Yoga Teacher. I also learnt the Transcendental Meditation technique and volunteered at the meditation campus. By adding slowness to my life, I started to see and value the little things again. Grateful for what I have rather than complaining about what could be better. I have more focus and find it easier to make decisions.

You know the story of the turtle challenging the hare to a race? A few years ago I would have bet on the hare. Today I bet on the turtle, as I discovered the strenght of the turtle’s slowness. Slowness unfolds wisdom, perseverance and longevity.

This ‘turtle knowledge’ together with my aspiration to support others – SLOW Communications was founded.

Meeting my first turtle – Playa de Monterrico, Guatemala, 2012